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The word Dry Cleaning though commonly used, is often misunderstood by many. Dry cleaning is a process where clothes and various kinds of fabrics are cleaning using a chemical solvent. This solvent does not have water or in some cases has very little amount of it. When the fabrics are cleaned, the chemical does not penetrate like water, hence the name dry cleaning. Reliable Wash is one of the Best Dry Cleaning Services in Hyderabad.

The dry cleaning services are used for fabrics, which cannot be used at home, or in the washing machine. The process also helps with fabric restoration, and presents stretching or shrinking of clothes. When the process is done well, the clothing need not be washed by hand for at least a few uses. A number of Laundry Services companies also provide wet washing, along with dry cleaning. 

Before you go ahead a choose a laundry to survive company in Nallagandla, it helps to learn a little about the evolution of this process. 

The history of dry cleaning

Most of us are not aware that the dry cleaning of clothes has been around from the Roman era. During those times, instead of the chemicals, the Romans used ammonia to clean their woolen garments. Later, fabrics were cleaned using solvents like kerosene or gasoline. 

By the year 1930, chemicals like perchloroethylene were used instead of flammable materials to clean clothes. These are known to be very useful and are used by various dry cleaners even today. Chemicals like tetrachloroethylene or perchloroethylene were the most preferred than flammable solvents like gasoline. Later, the use of these chemicals has reduced and the dry cleaners started to use eco-friendly solutions. 

Many dry cleaning companies in Hyderabad make use of eco-friendly solvents. These not only deep clean the garments, but also reduce the need for ironing

The process of commercial dry cleaning

The process with your commercial Dry Cleaning in Madhapur starts when you drop in your clothes for cleaning. Today, most of the service providers who not have the equipment in their stores; instead they send the laundry to another cleaning facility, where the clothes are deep cleaned using solvents. 

The clothes once washed are sent back to the location after the restoration and ironing is done. Let us know have a look at the systematic process followed by dry cleaners. 

Tagging of the garments

You can send various garments for a safe and Reliable Wash. Every item that is dropped at the dry cleaners at Nallagandla are properly tagged, which has a number. Some providers pin a paper tag to the garment, while others use an iron-on bar-code strip. Similar clothes are cleaning at one time, and the tagging ensures you get your clothes back without any hassles. 

Inspection of the clothes

Before the cleaning of the clothes, the dry cleaning companies in Madhapur check the garments for any items or tears or missing buttons. Such items are not sent for cleaning and are returned back to the customers. Hence, it is always important to choose a company that provides a reliable wash.

Pretreatment of stains

During the inspection of the clothes, the cleaners also check for any stains. Such stains are treated before the garments are sent for cleaning. If you are visiting a dry cleaner in Nallagandla, you can as well tell them in advance about a stain on the garment, and they ensure to remove the same. Few of the dry cleaners also cover the buttons to prevent any damage. 

Cleaning using a machine

The soiled garments, which are alike are placed in a large machine and are cleaned using a water free solvent. The clothes when agitated in the chemical helps the fabric to loosen. The solvent is drained from the clothes, and the clothes get a good rinse in fresh solvent. 

Once done, the clothes are again checked for any stains. Dry cleaning helps get rid of tough and stubborn stains, which occur due to oil or paints. At times, the stains are treated using a steam or vacuum to get rid of traces if any. 

The finishing 

Once the garments are thoroughly cleaned and are free of stains, they are steamed or ironed to remove wrinkles if any. If the buttons are removed during the cleaning process, they are reattached. The clothes are then folded and sent to be returned to the customer. Make sure the clothes are removed from the bag after they are brought to avoid moisture. 

How can you get excellent results from a dry cleaning company in Hyderabad?

There are a few tips you can follow to get amazing results from your dry cleaners. Let us have a look as to what they are. 

Check the labels

Though this sounds very common, not everyone pays attention or removes them. It is important to leave the labels on the clothes as the cleaners often refer to it before cleaning the garments. Some fabrics need unique or special cleaning, and the same can be known only via the label. 

Do not try to remove stains by yourself

Most of us are often tempted to get rid of the stains off our clothing. If any of your expensive clothing has a stain, avoid the temptation and take it to your dry cleaner. Make sure you point out the stains if any when you drop the clothes at your dry cleaner. 

Check for buttons and special embellishments

If your clothes have any embellishments, make sure to remove them or notify the cleaners about the same. This not only prevents damage but also helps the dry cleaners during their process. Some of them remove the buttons and embellishments before cleaning, and reattach them after its completion. 

Now that you are aware of how your clothes are dry cleaned, you can go ahead with confidence and get your clothes at the dry cleaners. It is not hard to find the best dry cleaning services in Hyderabad; all you need to do is to find one nearby, who is reliable and delivers clothes on time. 

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