Pickup and Drop off Laundry Service

Express Delivery by Reliable Wash Laundry Services

Pickup and Drop off Laundry Service. Busy life makes us to be so calculative about the time. At time it looks like twenty-four hours is not at all enough in balancing our personal and professional life including some other activities. One such daily chore that would really take a lot of time and also makes a person physically strained is laundry. It becomes a more challenging chore especially in the monsoon season. It becomes a challenge both for washing and drying them up later. Now, due to Covid-19 most of them are working from home and again busy schedule managing so many things at one time. Whatever may be the situation or whatever may be the condition outside Reliable Wash can handle all your laundry issues with ease and it can be your best friend in doing this daily
chore for you with perfection.

Laundry Service: We are available at Madhapur and Nallagandla

If you want to visit and see as how exactly we provide the services you can visit us at any of one of the branches but again if you have time constraint and unable to travel, no worries we have a special service for you. All that you need to do is just call us and our executive would come your home, collect the clothes after washing and ironing them, he would come and give your clothes. We also have a special offer during this Monsoon season which we call us express service under which you can receive your clothes within eight hours of time. Ours is a free pick (Monthly Packs) and drop we don’t charge anything separately for this and moreover for washing, dry cleaning and ironing services are also affordable and would fit in your budget.

Express Delivery in 8 Hours (Minimum Billing of 300/-)

We have dedicated and trained staff working for us. They are expertise in understanding the language of every garment. They separate dark colour from light colour and wash them separately. Since certain garments should not be washed with water and they need dry cleaning, and we use reliable solvents in order to remove any kind of oil stains, mud stains or colour stains you have on the clothes. After the dry cleaning your clothes would be gentle and softer. Ironing clothes and making them wrinkle free is possible only with a certain technique. Our expert team follows the best technique to make your clothes completely wrinkle free whether it is a long saree or a jeans, let it be any garment, they iron with perfection. You might have purchased a few clothes on special occasions with favouite colours and might have worn for some special celebrations too. But the garments after a long time usage or long time stay in the almarah would lose its perfect look and this could be disappointing to you. Now, we have the perfect solution for this. We restore your clothes and you can find your clothes as glowing as you have purchased it for the first time. Now your old and favouite clothes can be back with a new look and style after our restoration process.

As our brand name says Reliable Wash, many of our customers trust us and give their clothes for the different kinds of services that we provide. Take some time, go through our website so that you can have the better understanding of our services as well as you can read the testimonials of our satisfied customers. Whatever may be the season or the day we are always here to provide you the service all 365 days. Reliable Wash is one of the Best Laundry Service Providers with quality service and delivery on time.

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